More Ajax Tutorial Blogging

Well, following on from the (very) recent entry about Ajax tutorials I found some one else has gone a long way towards doing all the groundwork for me. The blog at (aptly named :-)) has a round up of Ajax Tutorials (from Max Kiesler) which I am going to spend the weekend looking over.

I know it is early on, but initial impressions are good. While it seems that this site is, pretty much, a reshash of the list at Max Kiesler’s site ( weblog/comments/round_ up_of_30_ajax_tutorials/) the Ajaxian one is “easier” on the eyes. I dont mean to be rude about he Max Kiesler site but it is a lot harder to use, so unless the Ajaxian one lets me down, that will be my main source.

I intend to keep this blog updated with my progress (if any). If you have any questions or tips, please let me know 🙂