Vista is teh work of teh debil

A few weeks ago I finally cracked and bought a new PC. Out of the box, this one was great. The HDD is massive and silent. The huge amount of RAM makes Photoshop usable once more and the widescreen monitor … Continue reading

Vista Networking – Hell on Earth

As I have a perfectly functioning set of computers at home (running XP, Ubuntu, SuSE and PCLinuxOS) who all network quite nicely and share files as you would expect. This meant, I had thought the move to Vista was in … Continue reading

Vista Pricing – Shamefull

Although we have mentioned MS Vista in the past on this blog, it was always unlikely that we would upgrade to it in the very near future. A recent check of the technology news helps confirm this. It seems that … Continue reading

Vista released

Microsoft Vista for home users was released this week. There remain concerns that it has security problems. E.g. the BBC headlined its Vista announcement as “Vista security claim challenged”. It reported the release as something of a damp squib for … Continue reading

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Windows Vista

You can tell the Christmas period is nearly over, the new crop of PC related magazines are all proclaiming (through front page blurbs) about how great Windows Vista is. Now, before I rant, I have never used Vista and I … Continue reading

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Wittering on about blog spam again

This blog feels slightly shortchanged in the weird searches department. For example, if you look at HjHop’s site, he gets searches that are bizarre enough for him to make a funny feature of them. Search engine choices that bring unsuspecting … Continue reading

Rise of the Machines

It is official. I hate all forms of technology. However, all of them hate me a LOT more. Truly the rise of the machines is inevitable and I will have to accept the day when my computer overlords stop toying … Continue reading


Ok, it is generally accepted that “luck” is a very difficult concept to quantify scientifically. Everyone has their own idea what it is and some people even think it has a “cause” and can be manipulated. Gamblers have a notoriously … Continue reading

Papal bull

You might think the Catholic Church had enough to worry about with the laughably huge sums its having to drag from the contributions of the faithful to pay out to kids abused by its minions, but the Pope seems to … Continue reading

Now I hate AOL

Sorry if you are an AOL user, but if you are then please think of changing your provider. As a bit of “Disclosure,” I used to be an AOL user in the mid 1990s but, thankfully, I got over it. … Continue reading

How Not To Spot a Liar

Again, more from the weird web department. This time, stumbling around the net brought me to a web page titled “How to spot a liar.” This is a page which explains how you can use eye movements, verbal constructions and … Continue reading

Technological Breakdown

Well, it seems I have been thouroughly defeated by both Ubuntu and openSUSE (64bit versions). I pretty much spent all day Friday trying to get an openSUSE install connected via a Belkin WiFi USB dongle – which, incidentally worked instantly … Continue reading

Aha. WTFs explained

It turns out that WTFs are supposed to be definitions. I quote, after changing the spelling of explanations: On January 31, 2007 Technorati released a new feature to help people to get explanations on things they see popping up in … Continue reading

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Phone Virus

As previously mentioned, I am the “proud” owner of a Nokia N73 phone (which unfortunately suffers from a few “build quality issues”). As this is a phone with more functionality than a PC I bought ten years ago (512MB disk … Continue reading

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New Month… New PCW… New Rant

Initial review of PCW September 2006 – Vol 29 Number 9.
Over all, not a bad magazine. Lots of good open source material on the cover disk. Woefully let down by some of the editorial content and articles. Continue reading

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