Why 5 pieces of fruit & veg anyway?

I am all for hammering the fake nutritionist tosh. “Doctor” Gillian McKeith “PhD (Intenet)” is an obvious charlatan. It’s very hard to see how anyone gave her any credence but – from Channel 4’s point of view – she rifled … Continue reading

Good and bad – and food(?)

I keep hearing people saying things like “I’m being good todayand not eating any chocolate.” Maybe it’s my concept of morality but I can’t see how denying yourself certain foods can constitute being “good.”  It’s not easy to define goodness, but … Continue reading

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Give the public what they want

Based on the top Google searches that brought stray readers here today, there would be zillions of visitors to any post that referred to: * morris dancers or morris dancing * schwarzenegger * adam curtis or charlie brooker * quiche … Continue reading


Come back flatterspam, all is forgiven. For the past few days, the blog has been getting gibberish comment-spam, in oddly large numbers, almost at DDOS attack levels. (OK, I exaggerate but there were over 380 yesterday, 51 today.) Some of … Continue reading


More from Ted. Following my triumph at posting the Dawkins video link, I’m following up with another. I’m posting this video link because I’ve never seen anyone express such perfect good sense about food. It’s Mark Bittman on what’s wrong … Continue reading

Wittering on about blog spam again

This blog feels slightly shortchanged in the weird searches department. For example, if you look at HjHop’s site, he gets searches that are bizarre enough for him to make a funny feature of them. Search engine choices that bring unsuspecting … Continue reading

Wo/Man cannot live on Nutella alone

Experiment: To live on foods without any packaging Background: We are often told that landfill is all our fault for using plastic shopping bags. I did the decent thing and bought a linen shopping bag. But it advertises Asda (Walmart), … Continue reading

A poor diet?

Research from the Food Standards Agency was reported as showing that the poor do not have worse diets than the rest of the population. I am all for truths that fly in the face of “common sense” but I am … Continue reading

Joke science

Coffee makes you hallucinate. (Yeah, right….) Well, it says so in a piece of research reported in lots of today’s UK papers. The NHS Choices website says that This bizarre claim is based on research into 219 students who answered … Continue reading

Internet ratings

Another hat tip to podnosh blog for another “educational” scoop, yet again proving the Charity Commission to be out of touch with the reality of learning. [KENYON’s FARM Free range eggs] (Podnosh seems unselfishly willing to read the most turgid … Continue reading


We’ve been tagged by the excellent no more hornets blog with another meme. This time it is the “Evolution” meme. I am tempted to say that whydontyou blog actually disproves Intelligent Design by its very nature, as it definitely seems … Continue reading

Healthy Eating

This is not normally a topic I would stray into, but as Heather is hors de combat for a while, I thought I would give it a shot. It certainly strikes me as “bad science” but I may be wrong… … Continue reading

The 3 rules for a successful diet :-)

Diets don’t work, according to a research report in American Psychologist, (Mann et al) discussed on physorg.com. Not only had most people who lost weight through dieting regained their weight in a couple of years, Mann concluded that most of … Continue reading

Everything about diets seems to be bull

Damp down your instinctive feeling that statistics are really boring for a few moments and bear with me. On the UK Office of National Statistics web pages there is some fascinating evidence that the diet we are constantly told is … Continue reading